Lucius and the Recording Process

Lucius and the Recording Process
September 19, 2012 admin

Check out Dan Molad’s interview with the Deli Magazine. Excerpt below:

Do you have a particular recording style that you aim for? What techniques do you employ to recreate it?

Well, one interesting thing is that the girls (Jess & Holly) always sing at the same time into the same microphone. I setup my Bock 251 in a figure 8 pickup pattern and they sing into either side of the microphone. What’s interesting is because they sing a lot of unison stuff into opposite sides of the mic, the capsule can’t fully vibrate sympathetically in either direction, which creates this unique, almost distorted tone in some of the vocal tracks which I have grown to LOVE.

Who determines the direction and style of your recordings?

We all do, but I’d like to think that I have definitely assisted Holly and Jess in developing their vision. This incarnation of the band has been a real discovery process for everyone, we are constantly exploring and we hope to do so as long as we can!

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