Steve Gunn Is Rock’s Best-Kept Secret

Steve Gunn Is Rock’s Best-Kept Secret
January 19, 2019 admin

The Unseen In Between is produced, mixed & recorded by Daniel Schlett

Via Rolling Stone:

It’s the most immediate set Gunn has ever made, a leap forward that’s thrilling to hear. From the Nilsson-esque soul of “New Moon” to the ecstatic solos of “Lightning Field” and the outer-space dream of “Paranoid,” its nine songs set the bar for guitar-based transcendence in 2019.

“He’s got a really unique style that I like,” says Tony Garnier, who played on The Unseen In Between during time off from his job as Bob Dylan’s bassist for the last 30 years. “When we first started recording, I would look at the lyrics and go, ‘What is he even talking about?’ The way they hit your brain is totally different. There’s this big, cool mystery there.”